Stuart Mandel

New York

Stuart Mandel began his career as a Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster shortly after marrying in 1977. After eight years of training, he left to open an adjusting company in Staten Island, NY, with a good friend.

Notwithstanding the 23 years in the insurance adjusting business, industry changes in the mid to late 1990s steered the partners to close the firm. Stuart found himself looking for a new career.

In August 2001, Stuart’s brother-in-law, a podiatrist, introduced him to the field of pedorthics. Stuart enrolled in a Certification in Pedorthics course at the Eneslow Pedorthic Institute the next day.

Following his certification, Stuart searched for direction and turned to Dr. Justin Wernick, an Eneslow faculty member, now a friend and colleague. Dr. Wernick advised Stuart to ask the owner of the school and Eneslow Comfort Foot Center in New York City, for a job.

“Fit a few thousand pairs of shoes, learn your craft and you’ll figure it out,” Dr. Wernick advised.

After spending a year and a half of selling, managing the floor, and partly administrating the course, Stuart left Eneslow to begin AmPed Foot Health, Inc. His goal was to create a clinical practice that would service podiatrists and nursing homes. It continues to thrive.

In late 2016, Stu Wittner contacted Stuart to discuss his joining Central Casting, a member of the OHI family of brands. The meeting went well and Stuart liked Central Casting’s clinical approach: Work alongside podiatrists as opposed to seeing the podiatrists’ patients in his office. It seemed like a novel and exciting approach. It was different from what Stuart was currently doing. Nonetheless, it took Stuart a few months before saying “Yes” to OHI.

Stuart continues to run his own company and work as a member of the Central Casting team. He lives in upstate New York with his wife, Geri (who manages the backend of AmPed Foot Health), and their Irish Jack Russell terrier, Abby. In his few free moments, Stuart plays guitar.

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