Tracy Harris


Tracy Harris began her career at 19 in a shoe store in the same small town where she had attended high school. The experience taught her the benefits of great customer service and proper shoe fit.

When college took Tracy to St. Louis, MO, she transferred to one of their New Balance stores. She worked there for several years managing two of their stores and learning about shoe design, orthotics, diabetic footwear, and retail management.

In 2010, she attended the Robert M. Palmer Institute of Biomechanics and sat for the certification in Pedorthics exam in 2011. Since then, she has collaborated with many bright, creative doctors and colleagues to treat and heal patients.

Tracy relishes the diversity of the offices where she works and the continuous process of learning, as well as the new and interesting cases. Tracy is a voracious reader. She also enjoys running, and when feeling creative, drawing and painting.

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